May 26, 2024

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Honoring American Heros

“Heroine of the Battle of Cowpens” – Catherine Moore Barry

At the time American society did not easily permit women to take part in the Revolutionary War. But there were many women who definitely had a significant role in the formation of this country. One of them was Catherine (Kate) Moore Barry.

Kate was a true American heroine.When her husband, Andrew, became a captain and commanding officer in the war, she proudly helped him acting as a spy and messenger and even fought in some battles with him.  She is best known for her role in warning the American militia the British were about to invade, just before the decisive Continental Army victory at the Battle of Cowpens, January 17, 1781.

Acting as a scout for the American forces, Kate became known as the “Heroine of the Battle of Cowpens.”  She was an excellent horsewoman and knew every trail and shortcut around her South Carolina plantation.  Although there is no historical proof, it is said that she tied her baby to her bedpost and, using her knowledge and skills, gallantly rode her horse through Indian trails to warn her neighbors that the British were coming.

Kate had single-handedly rounded up an impressive amount of local Patriots to help General Morgan. With her help, Morgan laid a trap for General Corwallis and his men. After the trap proved a success, Cornwallis retreated right into the hands of George Washington in Yorktown, Virginia.

Thanks to the bravery of women like Catherine Barry, the victory at the the Battle of Cowpens became the turning point in the American War for Independence that ultimately led to the American colonies winning their independence. .

Yes, “girl power” from the 1780’s. Even then not all women were stay at home Moms.

Catherine Kate Moore Barry Historical Marker in South Carolina