August 31, 2023

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Flag Company in Florida Releases Banana Republic Flag

The new banana republic flag is a symbol of the shuck and jive of the Biden Administration. In this article, you’ll learn about the design and material of this flag. Its nylon fabric is long-lasting, and the flags’ solid brass grommets are durable and easy-to-install. And it’s also available for purchase in many different sizes. You can even order one customized to your specifications. Aug 8, 2022 The Biden FBI executed an unprecedented raid on a former presidents residence to hide the Inflation act they were releasing which would get bad news coverage.

According to the company a customer requested a banana republic flag to show how crazy this raid was. Many Republican senators have spoken out and called the act the act of a banana republic. So the founder of Ultimate Flags LLC who operates and created a new banana republic flag. Its been selling like bananas in the jungle.

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